Welcome to our new improved website!


Ingrid Noyes
photo by Peter Oppenheimer

(a message from your camp director Ingrid Noyes)

We continually try to make the Walker Creek Music Camp the best it can be in all ways. To that end, when it was pointed out that our website was already obsolete and not user-friendly for today’s cell phones, we started working on remedying that, and we are now pleased to launch our new mobile-friendly site.

Along with this change came some improvements in our registration system (it should be easier now to sign up for more than one person, for example), and someone suggested a camp blog also, so here we go with that.

New fall camp dates

We’re excited about our next camp, of course, which is also in a way something new, because it’s the first time ever we’re doing a November camp instead of the usual October dates. Why November? you may ask. Won’t it be cold and rainy? Won’t it be too close to the holiday season?

First questions first. Why November? Because it’s always been hard to fill the camp in October. Maybe this is because there are too many other events to compete with in October, maybe it’s too soon after school starts, maybe it’s too soon after all the summer camps people go to, we’re not sure. But when someone suggested moving the date a little later, I immediately thought that might be a good idea, so we’re trying it.


Walker Creek Ranch in fall
photo by George Stratman

Won’t it be cold and rainy? Maybe. But just as likely not. Weather is impossible to predict, of course, but as someone who watches it carefully, I have noticed a few things:

  • The rains seem to start later than they used to. Yes, November USED to be often rainy, but over the years the rainy season more often seems to kick in later, sometime in December, and as any climatologist will tell you, we’re getting less rain in general than we used to. I’m actually less concerned about getting rain in early November than at our April camp (April showers do happen), so if you’re fine with the weather we usually get at spring camp, I think there’s a good chance fall camp will be just as good or better.

  • The nicest time of year on the coast is the fall, which we call Indian Summer, or The Secret Summer. These are the months of September and October, when daytime temperatures are higher, the nights start getting cooler but still not really cold. The first weekend in November is ALMOST October, so we’re gambling that we’ll slip in there at the tail end of this lovely coastal season.

  • Won’t it be too close to the holiday season? Well… I don’t know how long it takes you to cook a turkey, but this is three weekends before Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will work out OK.

Finally, one thing I love about this weekend: it’s the weekend that Daylight Savings Time ends. Well, I don’t like it when that happens, actually, but in this case what it means is that Saturday night will be one hour longer than usual — one extra hour to sleep, or jam if you look at it that way. Because we all get a little tired at camp, and I so often hear comments like “It’s not long enough!” I think this extra hour will be very much appreciated by all.

So I hope you will not let these dates scare you off; anyway we’re going to try it and see how it goes, and then we’ll decide if it was a good idea or not and plan accordingly for the next year.