2019 Spring Camp, including our new Irish Music track!

First of all, to follow up on our last camp blog entry, fall camp with our new later dates filled in record time and the weather was beautiful, so we're sticking with this plan, and in fact this year's fall camp dates will be exactly the same as last year: November 1st to 4th. Because of Halloween falling on Thursday this year, we're running camp from Friday to Monday next fall, so all you trick-or-treaters can still have your fun, and we might do some fun Halloween activities at camp too. 

But that's later. Right now, we're excited about spring camp. As I write this, it's just a few days till registration opens, when we'll find out if you all are excited about this, too. Besides our usual core of bluegrass and oldtime, we're running a third track of Irish music classes this spring, and we went straight to the top for the best instructors, check out the home page or classes page for details. We also are pleased with the instructors who are coming for the other core classes--a mix of new and returning teachers, lots of new names at this camp! check it out.

Registration opens Tuesday, January 15th. Because of the camp's growing popularity, we had to change priority registration from the first day to the first hours of the first day, so be an early bird and get what you want, in terms of both class choices and lodging preferences. Registration will open at midnight so if you're not a morning person, just stay up late the night before.

Speaking of lodging choices, we usually run out of private and semi-private rooms early, last time the first day regsitration opened. But for this camp, we have an additional option: there are currently rooms available at the nearby Marconi Conference Center on Tomales Bay. This is a great option for people who really like a  bathroom all to themselves, or who like the idea of waking up to enjoy wind, water, and waves--it's quite beautiful on the bay, and Marconi's is a lovely facility. The cost for this option is comparable for couples, a little more expensive for singles. There are also rooms available with three beds. Marconi's is about 15-20 minutes drive from camp (no traffic, beautiful scenery!) If you want this option, you register as a commuter (breakfast is included at Marconi's so you can choose the lunch/dinner only option at camp) and let us know you want a room at Marconi's and we'll reserve one for you there. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Hope to see you at camp!