What's New?

The Kristell Moller Memorial Music & More Fund

We are so very, very sad that Kristell Moller, our wonderful assistant director, became seriously ill in 2020, and after a long and brave battle, died in February 2021. Camp will not be the same without her; she will be missed so much. Her sunny smile and the warm welcome she extended to everyone who came to camp was a big part of what has made camp special, and she was a huge help with administrative work throughout the year.
Her friends and family have suggested that a memorial fund be created, for anyone who would like to honor Kristell by supporting our beloved Music & More program at camp. This is the class for our youngest campers, considered by the director to be the most important class at camp, getting children started learning about and playing traditional American music. Kristell had worked hard on helping to raise funds for this class; it's a challenge to keep it in the black because it often requires two teachers, while bringing in the least amount of revenue, since we keep the price for this class as low as we can to make it affordable for families.  We were always looking for ways to bring in more funding to support it. So we think she would be pleased to know that in her name, we might raise some money to keep this program going strong. 

If you'd like to make a donation, you can mail a check (to WCMC, PO Box 106, Fort Bragg CA 95437), or use the Make a Payment feature on the Registration page to donate by credit card or Paypal. In either case, please include a note specifying that it's for the M&Ms fund.
If you'd like your donation to be tax-deductible, send it to the Northern California Bluegrass Society (checks to NCBS at PO Box 390846, Mountain View CA 94039-0846) and again, please specify that it's for the Walker Creek Music Camp M&Ms Fund. 


Spring Camp 2022 cancelled

We are sorry to say that camp has been postponed yet again. Due to the continued Corona virus situation, Walker Creek Ranch has decided to remain closed at least through summer of 2022, so we just don't have a choice about this. And since the last three fall camps have narrowly missed major wildfires, the most recent one almost getting cancelled at the last minute because of this, we're less excited about fall camps than we used to be. So the current plan is to try for Spring Camp 2023. 

Walker Creek Music Camp Coffee

Sponsored by Thanksgiving Coffee“Not Just A Cup, But A Just Cup”

Are you a fan of Walker Creek Music Camp? Do you like good coffee? Do you like supporting companies who have strong social and environmental values? If so, guess what—you can support camp and a great coffee company at the same time by buying some Walker Creek Music Camp coffee. 20% of the sale of every package of WCMC coffee goes directly back to the camp. And you save yourself a trip to the store!

This isn't just any coffee, it's "A Just Cup". That's the message of Thanksgiving Coffee, the roaster behind WCMC coffee. They have been roasting coffee since 1972, and are one of the country’s pioneering socially and environmentally progressive roasters.

And…. it’s great coffee! Award-winning coffee. Thanksgiving Coffee was named Roast Magazine's 2017 Roaster of the Year, they won a Good Food Award in 2019, and received a 96 point score from Coffee Review in May. We’re offering a medium roast, dark roast, and decaf blend.

If you love good coffee, we hope you will give Walker Creek Music Camp Coffee a try. If coffee is not your cup of tea, you could send a package to the coffee-lover in your life. The support we receive from these coffee sales will help us pay the bills until that wonderful day when we can all be together at camp again.

For more information and to order, click HERE.

Swing and Irish tracks

At every camp, we offer classes in Bluegrass and Oldtime music, plus one additional track featuring some related style (jug band, swing, classic country, Celtic, etc). For our next two camps, we'll be excited to bring back our popular Swing and Irish tracks (Swing at the next camp, Irish the one after that).

New T-shirts

Our new shirts feature a drawing of one of our favorite activities from the last camp: hula hooping while fiddling! The drawing, by our artist Karen Bell, is based on a photo taken by camp photographer Patrick Campbell. Thanks to both of them, and to Lucy K for being our model! Available in red or white, men's or women's style, sizes XS to 3X and the white shirts are available in youth sizes S to L as well. If you get a white shirt, you can take it to the shirt painting activity to make a colorful, personalized T!

Young adult scholarships!

We recently created a special scholarship fund for young adults (aged 18-30), and raise funds each camp to finance it. If you are in that age group and want to come to camp but are short on funds, ask for a scholarship application. If you would like to see more people from this demographic at camp and have any extra funds to contribute, donate to the fund--thanks! With this addition we hope to keep our camp multi-generational, with musicians from all age groups represented at every camp.

New policy for priority registration

We hate to do this, but at the same time, it's good news for the camp. We have always tried to put everyone who signs up the first day (regardless of what time) into their first choice classes. First day registration has lately been amazing, which we're pleased about, but means that sticking to this policy would result in some super-sized classes, which tends to lower the quality of the whole experience. So in an effort to keep class sizes optimal, we're going to say the first ten people to sign up are going to be in, and after that you may get assigned to your second choice class or be on the waiting list. Do NOT list a second choice if you won't be happy about being placed in your second choice class (but also be aware that things often change and you might well end up in your first choice class by the time camp rolls around).