What's New?

Introducing…Walker Creek Music Camp Coffee! 

Sponsored by Thanksgiving Coffee“Not Just A Cup, But A Just Cup”

Are you a fan of Walker Creek Music Camp? Do you like good coffee? Do you like supporting companies who have strong social and environmental values? If so, guess what—you can support camp and a great coffee company at the same time by buying some Walker Creek Music Camp coffee. 20% of the sale of every package of WCMC coffee goes directly back to the camp. And you save yourself a trip to the store!

This isn't just any coffee, it's "A Just Cup". That's the message of Thanksgiving Coffee, the roaster behind WCMC coffee. They have been roasting coffee since 1972, and are one of the country’s pioneering socially and environmentally progressive roasters.

And…. it’s great coffee! Award-winning coffee. Thanksgiving Coffee was named Roast Magazine's 2017 Roaster of the Year, they won a Good Food Award in 2019, and received a 96 point score from Coffee Review in May. We’re offering a medium roast, dark roast, and decaf blend.

If you love good coffee, we hope you will give Walker Creek Music Camp Coffee a try. If coffee is not your cup of tea, you could send a package to the coffee-lover in your life. The support we receive from these coffee sales will help us pay the bills until that wonderful day when we can all be together at camp again.

For more information and to order, click HERE.

Swing and Irish tracks!

At every camp, we offer classes in Bluegrass and Oldtime music, plus one additional track featuring some related style (jug band, swing, classic country, Celtic, etc). For our next two camps, we'll be excited to bring back our popular Swing and Irish tracks (Swing at the next camp, Irish the one after that).

New T-shirts!

Our new shirts feature a drawing of one of our favorite activities from the last camp: hula hooping while fiddling! The drawing, by our artist Karen Bell, is based on a photo taken by camp photographer Patrick Campbell. Thanks to both of them, and to Lucy K for being our model! Available in red or white, men's or women's style, sizes XS to 3X and the white shirts are available in youth sizes S to L as well. If you get a white shirt, you can take it to the shirt painting activity to make a colorful, personalized T!

Young adult scholarships!

We recently created a special scholarship fund for young adults (aged 18-30), and raise funds each camp to finance it. If you are in that age group and want to come to camp but are short on funds, ask for a scholarship application. If you would like to see more people from this demographic at camp and have any extra funds to contribute, donate to the fund--thanks! With this addition we hope to keep our camp multi-generational, with musicians from all age groups represented at every camp.

New policy for priority registration

We hate to do this, but at the same time, it's good news for the camp. We have always tried to put everyone who signs up the first day (regardless of what time) into their first choice classes. First day registration has lately been amazing, which we're pleased about, but means that sticking to this policy would result in some super-sized classes, which tends to lower the quality of the whole experience. So in an effort to keep class sizes optimal, we're going to say the first ten people to sign up are going to be in, and after that you may get assigned to your second choice class or be on the waiting list. Do NOT list a second choice if you won't be happy about being placed in your second choice class (but also be aware that things change and you might well end up in your first choice class by the time camp rolls around). 

Our new "deluxe lodging" option, and a new way to sign up and pay for it

We're partnering with the nearby Marconi Conference Center to offer rooms at a deep discount for those who would like to stay off campus but nearby, on the shores of beautiful Tomales Bay. For couples, the price is a little less than staying on site; for singles it's a little higher. This will also serve as overflow lodging when we sell out of rooms on site. And it's a good option for those who want their own private bathroom, rather than the shared "bathrooms down the hall" situation at camp.Says one of our campers who stayed there during our last spring camp: 

"If you are looking for something more private and quiet, the Marconi Conference Center offers a discounted rate for Walker Creek Campers.  The Marconi Conference Center is in a park-like setting in the town of Marshall and is of interest to nature and history buffs.  In  the early 1900’s this was the site of the transpacific telegraph station.  It has also been a railroad station hotel (when Highway One was a railroad track).  The wireless is good and the rooms are updated, clean, quiet and comfortable.  Marconi is about 8 miles west of camp on Highway One overlooking Tomales Bay.  Allow about 20 minutes driving time, and a little more time to park and get settled in.  You may not make the 7:30 AM yoga class or the 10:30 PM jams, but you will get beautiful views of the best of the Marin countryside."

Says another:
"In our treks back and forth to Marconi, the wildlife sightings were 19 grazing deer, 3 barn owls (probably same one), 1 fox, flying cows, and 1 huge milk truck we “squeaked” by each morning. Wild!!

NEW! To sign up for this option, choose the private or semi-private room at Marconi's when you register, that includes the total price. No need to pay Marconi's separately anymore, and signing up this way automatically reserves the room for you.