What's New?

Fall camp instructors:

Coming to camp for the first time, we're excited to bring in Jim Kweskin, co-teaching the ever-popular string band blues class with Suzy Thompson. Eric Thompson will be there too, teaching Carter style guitar. Another new exciting team, coming for the first time: Spencer and Rains (Howard Rains and Tricia Spencer) to co-teach the oldtime fiddle class. More new teachers, all coming for the first time and highly recommended: Adam Schlenker will teach flatpicking guitar; Jesse Appelman mandolin and Alisa Rose bluegrass fiddle. The rest of our staff is mostly drawn from our tried-and-true list of WCMC teachers. By popular demand we've got the fantastic Special Consensus band back, with Greg Cahill teaching banjo, Dan Eubanks bass, Rick Faris guitar and vocals, and Nick Dumas mandolin (welcome, Nick! another first-timer). Steve Baughman is back to teach his famous oldtime banjo class; and Keith Yoder will teach his popular bluegrass jam class. We're also very pleased to have Kathy Barwick back to teach the dobro class, and Stairwell Sisters Evie Ladin and Lisa Berman team up to teach a Carter style vocals class. Another five-star line-up!

Special offering: Sound 101 with Paul Knight!

For those of you who have asked for this, now's your chance. Paul Knight will offer a class entitled Sound 101, geared for performers the first day (mic technique, how to conduct a proper sound check, working with sound engineers, etc—what you need to know to make performing comfortable & fun) and the next two days for bands or band members on how to run your own sound (tips on proper set up, EQ, monitoring, and how to blend properly as a band over a sound system). Both sessions will contain tips on dealing with some common problems with live sound for both the operator and performer. Participants can come for the whole three-day class, just the first day, or just for the PA portion of it which will take place over the weekend (prices pro-rated accordingly). This is a rare opportunity! Don’t miss out if you’ve been wanting to learn this stuff; Paul is about the most highly regarded sound man around, and a great teacher.​

Thursday to Sunday

Yay, we got our preferred schedule for this camp.

New lodging option!

We've added a new option to our economy lodging. You can now get an economy room for one, two, or three to four people (or more for families), by paying a little more than regular economy (5-12 people per dorm), but less than our private and semi-private rooms. This way, singles, couples, and small groups or families can have their own room at a more economical cost. We're opening up 12 of these rooms for camper use; register early if you want one, they will likely fill up quickly.

Price changes

Nothing major here, but there is one price increase: due to our tight supply of available rooms on campus, the cost of a private room for one person is going up by $25, to encourage you to consider camping (fall is generally a beautiful time of year for camping!) or sharing a room.
Additionally, there are changes to the late fees: they will kick in earlier than previously (early bird prices are good till August 1st; after that, late fees are added and increase on Sept 1st), but our second late fees have been reduced from $100 to $75. 

New phone number and address

The director's phone number has been changed; to reach her, call 415-663-6030.
New mailing address also: PO Box 106, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Camp location remains at Walker Creek Ranch in rural Marin County.

Camp Youtube Channel!

Check it out, or post your own camp videos here.

New T-shirts!

This year's T-shirt design (by our longtime designer Karen Bell) is based on a photo by Andrew Brilliant and features our wonderful dance caller, Erik Hoffman. They are available in white as shown below (these are good for taking to the Paint Your Shirt workshop to finish the design yourself!) or grey in mens or ladies scoop, or green unisex. All come in various sizes for adults and kids as well. Order when you register to be sure to get the size and style you want! 



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