Can I invite a guest to the staff or student concert?

Seating is limited for the staff concert. It may be possible, but you need to ASK FIRST if there will be room, well ahead of camp if possible. This is usually a million dollar show, and all guests must pay the Walker Creek Ranch day use fee of $20 plus at least a $20 contribution to the camp. These prices apply only if paid in advance; all last-minute prices are higher. With a full camp, we may have to say no to guests for this show, PLEASE check in about it in advance.

Guests are generally welcome at the student concert, but again we ask that you please arrange this with us before camp. For the student concert, we need the day use fee as mentioned above, plus we invite you to make a donation of any amount to the scholarship fund.

If guests want to join you for dinner, we ask that you PLEASE arrange this well in advance; the later you ask the higher the price, and all last-minute dinner requests are end-of-line availability only.