Is this camp for children or adults?

Yes! This camp is for musicians, singers, and fans of traditional American music. Typically, most of the campers in our classes are adults, so the classes are geared to an adult attention span. But campers of all ages are welcome as long as they’re into the music and can stay focused during class. Usually about 10-15% of our campers are kids, and we are always looking for more young people to keep this music going into the future. It is definitely a family-friendly event, and the multi-generational aspect of camp is one of its best and most unique features.

We also have a program specifically for our youngest campers, which combines music with arts and crafts, nature walks, and other fun activities, but with music as the major theme. We call it Music & More ("M&Ms" for short). If a child is under ten years old, we generally recommend this program for the morning class — it’s less intensive, designed for a younger attention span, and a lot of fun. M&Ms students can go to any afternoon elective classes to supplement their musical studies, and we also offer elective classes that are fun for all ages, such as clogging, hambone, play-party games, etc. M&Ms students can either attend the whole camp, or just come for the weekend.