2022 April Camp

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2022 April camp has been cancelled  : (

due to our venue remaining closed

When registration for the next camp is open, you'll see a "Register" tab near the top of this page. Please review the instructions below, THEN click on that tab to register. If you don't see the registration tab, registration is not open.

At the end of the registration process, you can pay by credit card OR PayPal, or choose to mail a check or money order (to be received within one week of registering, please).

Things to know (Please read this carefully!):

  • We have a new website and registration system as of fall camp 2018, so please read all instructions, as some things have changed. Old passwords and accounts from spring 2018 and previous are now obsolete. If you haven't been to camp since then, a new account will be created for you when you register. 
  • You can now register multiple campers in one order. To do so, simply return to this page and click the "Register" tab as many times as needed.
  • You must have at least one valid e-mail address to register yourself and/or others, so that you can create an account with us.
  • If you're also registering a child or someone else without a valid E-mail address, just use your own address when prompted to enter one for that person. You'll then also receive the e-mail intended for them.
  • IF YOU'RE REGISTERING A FAMILY WITH KIDS AGED 10 OR UNDER, call or e-mail before you register to get prices (children 10 and under pay less).
  • Prices are as listed below. Your cost is the sum of your tuition and lodging choices.
  • All prices are PER PERSON, NOT per site or tent or RV or room. Each person pays the price listed for camping, rooms, etc.
  • LODGING: Economy lodging is bunk beds (generally you get the whole bunk, top and bottom) with no linens and no other furniture in the room; semi-private is more like a motel room with single beds (linens included), closets, lamps, dressers, nightstands, etc; private is the same as semi-private but you get the whole room to yourself.  Group rooms (3-6 or 7-9) are usually men only or women only. The exception is family dorms, which also sometimes will have up to 12 people, as we will put older kids on top bunks if needed.
  • SIGNING UP WITH A ROOM-MATE: If you want a room for two, BOTH of you have to sign up to reserve the room. We can't assign you to a room for two unless and UNTIL your room-mate also signs up.
  • BATHROOMS: All rooms on site have shared bathrooms, and there is a central bath-house for campers. 
  •  IF YOU'RE REGISTERING as a HALF TIME CAMPER, your lodging choices are CAMPING OR COMMUTING. If you want indoor lodging, it may be available if there is space left the week before camp. Some exceptions may apply, call for more details.
  • A handling fee is applied to all orders, but discount is given for payment by check or money order.
  • LATE FEES: If you just heard about the camp and are coming for the first time, late fees can be waived -- just ask.
  • On the bottom of the shopping cart page, which will be displayed when you complete the registration form, you'll see a link to order a camp T-shirt along with your registration. If you order a T-shirt, it will be waiting for you at camp.
  • Though we use a Paypal system, you don't have to use a Paypal account. You can use any credit card -- just find the box that says Pay with a Debit or Credit Card, and click on that box.
  • If you've already registered and just want to make a payment, go to the Make a Payment option in the Registration menu item above, enter the amount you want to pay and include a note at checkout telling what it's for.
  • You can also use the Make a Payment tab to sign up with a deposit, or pay a customized agreed-upon amount when you regiser. To do this, choose the pay by check option, complete the registration until you get to the Checkout Complete page, and then go to the Make a Payment tab to pay. 
  • While in the registration process, do NOT use your browser button to back up, you'll mess up your order. Use the Cancel or Go Back buttons at the BOTTOM of the page you're on.
  • If you're having trouble completing your registration, be sure there are no unfinished orders in your shopping cart. If there are, Clear your cart and start over.
  • Be sure to COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION; continue to go to the next step until you reach a page that says "Checkout Complete". Until then, your order is still in your cart, so keep going!  Just making a payment does not sign you up; a confirmation that you made a payment does not sign you up; you need to submit a complete registration. 
  • We will send you a letter of confirmation by e-mail within a week of receiving your registration. This will tell you which class and lodging option you're signed up for, along with other camp info. If you don't receive a confirmation letter (or notification that you're on a waiting list) within a week of registering, that is a sign that we didn't receive your registration and you should contact us!
    PLEASE WAIT ONE WEEK after you sign up to find out which classes/lodging you are in--thank you!

If you have any trouble at all with this system, just call 415-663-6030 and we'll help get you registered.

Tuition options

  • Full-time camper - $400
  • Full-time Camper (under 18 years) - $300
  • Half-time camper (no morning class) - $250
  • Music & More (young chilldren's program) - $150
  • Music & More (young children's program), weekend only (Sat/Sun) - $125
  • Family member (evening activities only) - $150
  • Chaperone (call for price)
  • Other (call for price)

Lodging options

  • Day use, no meals - $150
  • Day use, lunch and dinner only - $225
  • Day use, with meals - $250
  • Dry RV camping, with meals - $275
  • Tent/van/car camping, with meals - $275
  • Economy cabin (7-9 people), with meals - $325
  • Economy room (3-6 people), with meals - $350
  • Economy room (2 people), with meals - $450
  • Semi-private room (3-6 people), with meals - $500
  • Economy private room (1 person), with meals - $550
  • Semi-private room (2 people), with meals - $575
  • Private room (1 person), with meals - $675
  • Other, or age 4-10 (call for price)