Vocals, Harmony Singing, Levels 1/2

Rebecca Stout

Singing in harmony begins with "thinking in harmony." Learn how to tune in to the voices around you while practicing an array of tips and tricks for harmonious singing in duos, trios and quartets. Each day begins with an old time standard duo that will slowly metamorphose into a bluegrass standard quartet and beyond. Go on a fascinating journey that highlights subtle stylistic changes, which can turn a nitty-gritty old time song into a sweet, "high-lonesome" bluegrass number.  While this class will mainly focus on learning by ear, handouts with lyrics and notation will also be provided. Using classic harmony singing families as our guides (The Carter and Watson Families, The Stanley, Louvin and Monroe Brothers) we will create our own harmony "families" within the class while learning to listen and blend.

Prerequisites: This class is open to everyone. To get the most out of this class, it will be helpful to have some experience singing and a willingness to try out new things in a supportive group-learning environment.

About Rebecca Stout

Los Angeles based and Tennessee raised, Appalachian flatfoot dance instructor Rebecca Stout began singing, clogging and performing extensively as a child. Her instructional DVD "Ms. Becky’s Barnyard Buck Dance" is featured in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Music Museum. She has taught at numerous music camps and festivals throughout the United States. She currently serves as an apprentice to internationally known Appalachian step dance expert, Mr. Ira Bernstein, and is a board member and dance coordinator for Los Angeles’ premier bluegrass/old time event, the Topanga Banjo/Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival, one of the longest running fiddle festivals in the United States.

Rebecca's classes and dance electives are always a hit at Walker Creek, and we're excited she'll be teaching a vocals this fall!