Mandolin, Swing & Jazz Repertoire, Levels 2/3

Tim Connell

This class will focus on learning to perform swing repertoire on the mandolin. Great melodies, interesting chord progressions, groovy right hand percussion and a springboard for improvisation - swing mandolin has it all!

In this class, all students will:

  • Learn the melodies of popular jazz/swing standards such as "All of Me" and "Sweet Sue"
  • Learn the right hand "groove" used to accompany swing music on the mandolin
  • Learn and practice left hand voicings for the harmony ("chords") on the mandolin
  • Learn the basics of improvising on the melody in the swing style

Prerequisites: Students should either be able to read standard notation or be able to learn the melodies by ear in advance. No mandolin tablature will be provided, only lead sheets (melody and chords). Students should have some experience learning chord voicings for the left hand on the mandolin, at least a little beyond the bluegrass chop chord.

About Tim Connell

Tim Connell has created a sophisticated and original style on the mandolin. Regarded as one of the top North American interpreters of the Brazilian choro style on the mandolin, Tim has his own unique voice on the instrument, described in a Mandolin Magazine cover story as "fiery and energetic, soulful and evocative."

Tim’s latest releases include "June Apple", a nationally-noted album of Bluegrass fiddle tunes with guitarist Eric Skye, and "MandAlone", a collection of original solo mandolin arrangments including his popular arrangement of "Here Comes the Sun". Tim is touring a new solo mandolin and vocal act as well as performing duet concerts with Don Julin, another Walker Creek faculty favorite.

Tim comes highly recommended by students as well as many of our favorite Walker Creek instructors and from other workshop directors. He’s been an enthusiastic presence at California Coast Music Camp for the past four years, as well as teaching annually at Swannanoa Gathering, SKAK, River of the West Mandolin Camp, Django in June, Choro Camp New England and a frequent guest artist at the Classical Mandolin Society’s annual conventions. We're very pleased Tim will be returning to Walker Creek in April!