Guitar, Swing Rhythm, Levels 2/3

Tony Marcus

This class will move through styles from western swing to more straight jazz of the 1930s style, with the emphasis on rhythm playing.  I will teach a repertoire of swing type songs utilizing a fairly limited vocabulary of chord shapes. We'll also concentrate on the compact 4/4 right hand technique that exemplifies this style. If there are folks for whom this is too basic, I'll be happy to show variations that employ different inversions and connecting chords. We'll tackle a couple of songs a day, some familiar standards and some less known.


This class is suitable for players who either have a nodding acquaintance with moveable four note chords or who are quick to learn new chords.

About Tony Marcus

Tony Marcus has found joy playing many styles of music. He has played bluegrass with mandolin legend Frank Wakefield, jug band music and blues with Geoff Muldaur, fiddle tunes with the Arkansas Sheiks, string swing with Cats & Jammers, big band jazz with the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, weird old Hawaiian and hokum with R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders, and honky tonk country with Rose Maddox to name a few. Playing music has taken him from Japan to Ireland, and from Alaska to Florida in the USA. He currently performs with Patrice Haan in the swing vocal duo Leftover Dreams and with the country band Crying Time. He has taught at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, California Coast Music Camp, International Guitar Seminars, Augusta Heritage Workshop, Swannanoa Workshop, and others, and has had lessons published in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. We are very pleased to welcome Tony to the staff at Walker Creek for the first time.