Fiddle, bluegrass, levels 1/2

Nate Lee

This class is for students who would like to become successful jammers or join a band someday. We will study a few songs in depth, including melody, chords, soloing, and improvisation. You will leave camp with knowledge of fingering positions, double stops, lick families, the Nashville Number System, proper fiddle technique, and a few tricks to make improvising really easy. You will also learn about the mental aspects of playing well, and how to get the most out of your practice time.  

Prerequisites: Students should be able to play a handful of tunes the whole way through at a moderate pace without stopping, and should be comfortable with slurs and using the 4th finger (pinky).

Bring: A fiddle and bow, extra strings, rosin, something to write with, something to write on, and a recording device.

Nate Lee is a Nashville based bluegrass musician with a well-rounded musical career. His musical journey started at the age of eight when he got his first fiddle and that path led him through countless lessons and music camps and eventually to an intense study of bluegrass music at the college level. After completing a degree in Commercial Music at South Plains College, Nate went on to tour and record with bluegrass, western swing, new acoustic, and Americana bands. Nate currently tours with the Jim Hurst Trio (featuring Jim, Nate, and Erik Alvar), and from time to time can be seen with Becky Buller, Irene Kelley, and Town Mountain.

    Although Nate is in demand on stage and in the studio, his first love and finest skill is teaching. With more than thirteen years’ experience as a teacher and workshop instructor, Nate has gained a loyal following of students who enjoy his comprehensive teaching methods and relaxed, encouraging demeanor. Nate doesn’t just teach you a song; he teaches you how to play melody, chords, improvise, and groove on that song. With an affinity for turning beginners into jammers, and jammers into professionals, Nate has developed a curriculum that teaches you to play well with others and become the player you’ve always wanted to be!

  When Nate teaches at camp he always gets a huge “Bring him back!” from his students, so we are very pleased he can be with us again this spring.


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