X-tra, x-tra! the elective classes


Elective class sample topics are listed below. These one-hour classes are scheduled in the afternoons. The actual selection varies from camp to camp, but will include some of these for sure, and you can make requests if you see something that you would like to be sure gets onto the schedule. Shortly before camp, you will receive the schedule with the final selection of elective classes included.

Jams--Slow jams, camp songbook jam,  fast jams, fiddle tunes, songs with harmonies, gospel, bluegrass standards, more obscure songs/tunes, "newgrass", songwriter's circle, family/kid-friendly jam, etc you name it

Band workshops--Coaching bands, arranging songs, band dynamics, dealing with stage fright, booking gigs, stage presence, etc

Music theory--Circle of 5ths, Nashville # system, reading music or tab, etc.

Instrumental workshops-- for a specific instrument or for any: alternate tunings, learning to play leads, learning your way around the fretboard, playing back-up, figerpicking, difference between oldtime and bluegrass fiddling, intro to dobro, bass, etc

Vocal workshops--harmony singing (2, 3, and/or 4 parts), vocal style, technique, troubleshooting, taking care of your voice, finding your key, etc.

Repertoire--learn standards, on beyond standards, crooked fiddle tunes…..

Jamming skills--playing by ear, following the guitar player, intros & outros/leading a song, learning to improvise, general etiquette

Practice skills--how to practice effectively, working with a metronome, using technology, ergonomics, etc.

Dance--clogging, hambone, play-party games, playing for or calling dances, etc

Lesser used instruments--intro or beyond for autoharp, harmonica, ukulele, dulcimer, etc

Other related styles--an hour of Cajun, Celtic, cowboy, swing, etc, explaining differences between oldtime and bluegrass

Sound and other techie stuff--using mics, running sound, buying equipment, etc


Instrument care--buying an instrument, set-up, maintenance, etc.

Stories, films, mini-concerts