We also have a camp luthier!

Josh Tharp

Josh Tharp started playing banjo in 1997 after first hearing Earl Scruggs. In 2006 he began his bluegrass travels with the Southern California based band Lost Highway which took him all over the US, Canada and Europe. In 2000 he went to Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery and began building and repairing guitars, mandolins, dobros, banjos and fiddles. From 2010-2012 he apprenticed with Jim Burlile in the art of metallurgy and banjo wizardry. He continues to build and repair all stringed instruments and handles the banjo duties and harmony vocals with Keith Little and the Little band.

 Josh has been the music teacher at a private school for the K-8th grades, taught all levels of guitar at a community college, and currently gives private banjo and guitar lessons. He has been on staff both as camp luthier and banjo instructor. He’s a competent luthier, an amazing player and a fun teacher, and we’re happy to have him on staff.

 If you have any issues with your instrument that need some expert attention, Josh will be available during camp to help you out. If you're bringing an instrument to camp that needs work, contact Josh ahead of time to discuss it (Joshtharp30@hotmail.com) so he'll be sure to bring the right tools for the job, and he can give you an estimate of costs. He will also offer an elective class at camp on instrument maintenance and repair. When Josh is not busy teaching, he can usually be found at the camp store.