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These are the morning classes, the ones you sign up for in advance, averaging 10-12 students to a class. We do limit the class sizes on these, so the earlier you sign up, the more choices you will have about which class to take. You take just one class in the morning, same class each day.
In the afternoons, there are many shorter elective classes you can take, and you don't need to sign up for those.
Click on a class, and you will see a description, along with instructor bios and websites.


  • Level 1 is "advanced beginner"; in other words,  you should know the basics of how to play your instrument, how to keep it in tune, and be able to play a few songs or tunes.
  • Level 2 is "intermediate"; you can do all the above, you have some experience playing with others, you're comfortable with your instrument and can play songs up to tempo.
  • Level 3 is "upper intermediate/advanced": you are a confident musician and comfortable jamming and playing in groups, but still there is always more to learn.

Recommended prerequisites are also given. When choosing a class, keep in mind that how long you have been playing does not determine which class you should be in; it's what you can do and what you know, as specified in the prerequisites for each class--please read those prerequisites before choosing your class. That said, an open and positive attitude towards learning in a group setting is really the most important prerequisite for having a great time at this camp. 
Based on camper interest, most of our classes are for intermediate level and beyond.

BEGINNERS! Check out the group classes! where you'll get both instruction for your particular instrument, and also practice at playing with others (playing with others is really what it's all about!).

If you’re uncertain which class is best for you, feel free to call for more information (415-663-6030). The director can help you choose a class, and we will allow for some adjustments as needed the first day.

Those who feel they've "outgrown" camp classes can be considered as teaching assistants (see the FAQs page for more info).


After the group classes, the rest of the classes are listed alphabetically by instrument or topic.

Elective Classes: At the bottom of the page, you can see sample topics of the afternoon elective classes. There will be many to choose from, and for the electives you need not sign up in advance, you can go to any of them. When you register for camp, you'll be invited to request any specific elective classes you'd like to see offered.

Instructor(s): Morgan Cochneuer

This is a special class for children who are not ready for a three-hour instrumental class. The class meets in the mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the same time as the main vocal and...

Instructor(s): Keith Yoder

This is a class designed for players of all major bluegrass instruments (guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass, dobro) who have little or no experience jamming with others.  In this class we will learn how to...

Instructor(s): Suzy Thompson and Jim Kweskin

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Instructor(s): Keith Yoder, Suzy Thompson and Jim Kweskin

See the Bluegrass Jam Class and String Band Blues classes at the top of the page.

Instructor(s): Greg Cahill

This class will cover many topics that should be helpful to players at various levels. We will study finding good right and left hand chord positions; picking with the left hand techniques (slides, hammer-...

Instructor(s): Steve Baughman

Rhythm is everything. And once you've internalized the “bum ditty” you can soar. That being so, the overall emphasis in this class will be on developing percussive skills (...

Instructor(s): Dan Eubanks

This class will be aimed at intermediate players (upright and electric). We will be focusing on bass line construction using standard bluegrass songs to demonstrate very simple lines evolving to more complex lines,...

Instructor(s): Keith Yoder, Suzy Thompson and Jim Kweskin

See the Bluegrass Jam Class or String Band Blues class at the top of the page.

Instructor(s): Rebecca Stout

This is NOT a morning core class, but we want to let all you dancers know that Rebecca, a great singer AND dancer, will be teaching dance elective classes in the afternoons, both on flatfooting and also her very fun...

Instructor(s): Jack Tuttle

See the Bluegrass Jam Class at the top of the page.

Instructor(s): Kathy Barwick

In this intermediate-level class, we will work on familiar and commonly-played songs and tunes, with an emphasis on developing the skills to play solos and backup/rhythm, including the rhythm "chop" and how...

Instructor(s): Alisa Rose

Coming soon!


Instructor(s): Keith Yoder, Suzy Thompson and Jim Kweskin

See the Bluegrass Jam class  or String Band Blues class near the top of the page.

Instructor(s): Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains

Howard and Tricia will present and teach several old style Texas fiddle tunes: the kind that were around before swing and contest fiddling became the predominant styles. These tunes are related to their Appalachian...

Instructor(s): Rick Faris

Coming soon!

Instructor(s): Keith Yoder, Suzy Thompson and Jim Kweskin

See the Bluegrass Jam Class and String Band Blues class at the top of the page.

Instructor(s): Eric Thompson

The style of lead guitar pioneered by Maybelle Carter is a great way for guitarists who are comfortable playing rhythm to expand into picking out melodies. She used hammer-ons and pull-offs to articulate the tunes,...

Instructor(s): Adam Schlenker

In this class, we will start off exploring ways to develop your technique, unlocking opportunities to grow as a player without having your technique stand in your way. From there we will discuss the layout of the...

Instructor(s): Nick Dumas

Coming soon!


Instructor(s): Jesse Appelman

Coming soon! 

Instructor(s): Evie Ladin

The Carter Family recorded with a distinctive sound that has helped define the foundation of country singing. Finding harmony lines that sometimes weave around the melody, sometimes cross or create unisons, from...

Instructor(s): Rick Faris, Suzy Thompson and Jim Kweskin

See the String Band Blues class or Guitar with Singing

Instructor(s): Josh Tharp

Josh Tharp started playing banjo in 1997 after first hearing Earl Scruggs. In 2006 he began his bluegrass travels with the Southern California based band Lost Highway which took him all over the US,...

Instructor(s): many

Elective class sample topics are listed below. These one-hour classes are scheduled in the afternoons. The actual selection varies from camp to camp, but will include some of these for sure, and you...

Instructor(s): Music Caravan

Music Caravan brings a wide array of musical needs to camp including picks, strings, capos, tuners, stands, books and CDs. There will also be some instruments available. If known in advance, special orders can be...

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