January 2019

2019 Spring Camp, including our new Irish Music track!

First of all, to follow up on our last camp blog entry, fall camp with our new later dates filled in record time and the weather was beautiful, so we're sticking with this plan, and in fact this year's fall camp dates will be exactly the same as last year: November 1st to 4th. Because of Halloween falling on Thursday this year, we're running camp from Friday to Monday next fall, so all you trick-or-treaters can still have your fun, and we might do some fun Halloween activities at camp too.

But that's later. Right now, we're excited about spring camp. As I write this, it's just a few days till registration opens, when we'll find out if you all are excited about this, too. Besides our usual core of bluegrass and oldtime, we're running a third track of Irish music classes this spring, and we went straight to the top for the best instructors, check out the home page or ...